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#078 Rethinking Climate Change - James Arbib at the Future Congress 2021


***LIVE from the BMW-World in Munich!***

- A technological, disruptive perspective on reaching climate goals by 2035 -

Today's talk brings us back to our Future Congress in November 2021. An event, that has given us an outlook far beyond 2022.

Rethink X think tank Co-Founder, investor and CEO James Arbib gave us a selected insight into the most pressing topic of our time: climate change solutions.

He describes how humanity can reduce 90% of emissions by 2035 through disruption in the energy, transport and food sectors.

Key is that we stop focussing our attention on making the old system less bad. Rather than band-aid, we should focus on root-cause solutions - sourcing our energy into the transformation of the system! A fundamental change in production system is necessary.

This means: moving away from an extraction-based, centralised hierarchical production system, based on scarce resources - and shifting to a system in which molecules, photons and electrons allow us to produce anything we need locally in any place of the world. Abundant input! Allowing for a self-sufficient, decentralised global network.

The foundations are laid. Follow this future talk of James Arbib to learn precisely the steps that will cause major disruptions in all sectors - until the market forces reach a tipping point, leading to a collapse of old industry.

This techno-optimistic view provides us with a research-based future perspective that only leaves us to say: into a great future!

Be inspired and listen.

"The only thing that is truly sustainable is adaptability," says James.

More on Rethink X: https://www.rethinkx.com

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